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What school teams or clubs are/were you apart of?
I don't remember ever being a member of any clubs at school.

Do you think that Glee is becoming the new 'Kidz Bop' or 'Minipop Kids'? 
I don't know. I don't watch Glee, nor any of those other shows.

What TV show series have you actually watched start to finish?   
Charmed and Smallville are the ones I can think of right now.

If you could have any book turn into a movie, what would it be?  
I don't know, actually. There are a few crime ones that I like but they wouldn't be the same as a film, to be honest.

What is your favorite brand of shoes? Why? 
I don't have a favourite.

You can get a $1000 gift card to any store you want, what is it?   
I have no idea.

What's the most awkward moment you recently went through? 
I don't know. My life is one big awkward moment sometimes :D

Have you ever failed or came close to failing a class? What would you do if you ever failed a class?
I have came close. I've failed a subject in the sense didn't do as well as was hoped to do. I was ill on exam day though and wasn't particularly a subject I felt confident with and enjoyed.

Do you ever match you shirt with your shoes, or is that tacky? 
I don't. I don't know if it's tacky or not, I don't judge people like that.

Ketchup: yay or nay?  
On some things, but not on others.

Would you prefer a uniformed or non-uniformed school? Why?   
I don't mind either way. In a way uniformed is better as everyone is the same and not judged by now 'trendy' they are. But sometimes it's difficult to get the uniforms and the dress code of uniformed schools can be abit ridiculous. This is hypothetical as I don't know any schools in the UK that are non uniform, but that's just me.

What's your opinion on people who don't like to say their age? 
I think it's up to them, to be honest. I find it slightly strange they don't want to share how old they are, but at the end of the day if they feel like it's irrelevant or may make them look worse, then I respect their right to not telling me their age. Unless of course they wanted alcohol or a lottery ticket or something, then they do have to state their age and possibly prove it, if necessary.

As a kid, did you really think there was a monster under your bed?
No, but thought some other weird things.

Should there be three day weekends, or do you like it as it is?   
It's fine how it is. If it aint broke, don't fix it.

If you could date any celebrity, who would it be?
None. I am perfectly happy with my partner. Celebrities are overrated, no?

Which is better? Chocolate milk or just plain white milk?
I like both so, give either to me and I'll be happy.

What's a very creepy experience you've been through?   
I've been through a few creepy things...

When you're home alone and you hear a noise, what do you do?
I figure out what it could be. If it bothers me that much, I'll go and see what it is. If it's outside I probably wont though, incase it is a criminal or a dangerous animal.

Have you ever broken a bone or gotten surgery?    
I've had surgery in the form of a c section but haven't broken any bones, thank goodness.

Why should we pay for songs when we've already paid for the iPod?   
Eh no idea...

You get to see a movie that isn't out in theater yet. What is it?  
I don't know... What's on these days?

Do you actually do your homework, or just Google all the answers?
I don't do my homework no, as no longer in school.

If you could change you name, what would you change it to?  
I don't know. I think I'd keep it as it is. Nothing wrong with it and very used to it, obviously.

What's your favorite meal of all-time? Who prepares it better? You or a family member?
I have a fair few.

Is your room filled with knick-knacks, or is it relatively clean? 
It's a mix, to be honest.

Be honest. Would you rather win $10 million or help change the world?   
I don't think the latter is possible.

What's the longest book you've ever read? How long did it take you?
It must have been Harry Potter and no idea. About 10 hours? I read it in one day, as I'm sad like that ! :D



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